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Musician, Entrepreneur, Digital Expert

Unleashing Musical Elegance & Entrepreneurial Spirit

Welcome to the world of Jared Judge, where music meets innovation, and dreams transform into reality. A versatile electric violinist, Jared’s performances electrify weddings, corporate events, and every occasion in between.

Featured on Lifetime Channel’s Married at First Sight, Jared’s journey from a passionate musician to a visionary entrepreneur has inspired countless others to follow their own artistic and professional paths.

Experience Jared's Musical Mastery

Jared's Electrifying Performances

Jared Judge has performed at numerous events across the country, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances and passionate playing. His music has been featured on top shows and events, and his unique style and versatility make him one of the most sought-after electric violinists and entertainers in the industry. Take a closer look at Jared’s exceptional performances and experience the magic he brings to every stage.

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