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Transform Your Corporate Event into a Celebrated Occasion

Elevate your next corporate gathering in Denver with the exceptional live music of Jared Judge, ensuring a memorable and vibrant experience.
Elevates Event Atmosphere
Custom Music
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Make Your Corporate Event Unforgettable

Imagine your next corporate event buzzing with the lively music of Northside Brass. We plan each show to match your event’s style, making everything more fun. Our musicians turn regular gatherings into great parties, making sure everyone has a good time. Whether it’s chill music for meeting and greeting or upbeat tunes for party time, we mix class with fun to make your event stand out.

The Premier Choice for Chicago Corporate Events

With years of experience in Chicago, Ryan Hobbs and Northside Brass are experts at enhancing corporate gatherings with impeccable live music. Our deep understanding of local venues, like the iconic Chicago Convention Center and Downtown Ballroom, allows us to optimize every performance for your specific event space.

Having entertained at top Chicago venues such as Lakeside Pavilion and Riverfront Plaza, we tailor our music to complement the unique atmosphere of each location, ensuring your corporate event stands out with a memorable and dynamic musical experience.

Choose the Perfect Musical Configuration for Your Event

At Northside Brass Music Company, we offer a variety of ensemble configurations to ensure the perfect musical complement to your event. Each setup is expertly tailored to enhance the ambiance and elevate the experience for you and your guests. Explore our versatile options to find the ideal match for your celebration:

Brass Quintet

Experience the grandeur of our Brass Quintet, featuring two trumpets, a trombone, a horn, and a tuba. This classic arrangement is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and a robust sound to any event, from formal gatherings to celebratory receptions.

String Quartet

Our String Quartet brings a touch of sophistication with two violins, a viola, and a cello. Ideal for creating a refined and intimate atmosphere, this ensemble suits a variety of occasions, especially where the grace of string music enhances the overall experience.

Jazz Quartet

Add a cool, smooth vibe to your event with our Jazz Quartet. Choose between configurations that include piano, bass, drums, and either a trumpet or saxophone. This ensemble is perfect for settings that require a relaxed yet engaging backdrop, such as cocktail hours or corporate dinners.

Seven Piece Swing Band

For a lively and energetic atmosphere, opt for our Seven Piece Swing Band. Comprising a rhythm section, three horns, and a vocalist, this setup is sure to get your guests on the dance floor, making it an excellent choice for larger celebrations or any event where entertainment is key.

Each of our configurations is performed by skilled musicians dedicated to creating an unforgettable musical experience. Let us help you select the perfect ensemble to make your event truly remarkable.

Discover Our Sample Corporate Event Playlist

Dive into a selection from our diverse corporate event playlist, expertly designed to suit various professional settings. Remember, each playlist is fully customizable to ensure it perfectly matches the tone and theme of your specific event.

Sample Playlist

“In the Mood” – Glenn Miller
“Take Five” – Dave Brubeck
“Fly Me to the Moon” – Frank Sinatra
“Girl from Ipanema” – Stan Getz
“Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Transparent Pricing Tailored to Your Event Needs

At Northside Brass Music Company, we believe in providing clear and straightforward pricing that is customized to fit the specifics of your event. We offer detailed quotes based on factors such as the event location, duration, and other unique requirements. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your event:

Included in Your Booking:

Customized Music Selection

Tailor your event's soundtrack with our extensive music repertoire.

Professional Musicians

Enjoy performances from highly skilled musicians experienced in a variety of genres.

Premium Sound Equipment

We provide all necessary sound equipment to ensure top-quality audio delivery.

Seamless Setup & Breakdown

Our team handles all logistics for setting up and dismantling, so you can focus on your event.

Travel & Transportation

Included within a certain radius; additional costs may apply for events outside this area.

Personal Music Consultant

Get direct access to a music expert who will help plan and execute the musical aspect of your event.

Contact us today to receive a personalized quote and learn how Northside Brass Music Company can make your event truly unforgettable with exceptional musical performances.

Northside Brass Music Company

Your Partner in Perfecting Your Event

At Northside Brass Music Company, we understand the challenges of planning large-scale events. With years of experience and hundreds of performances under our belts, we bring not only music but peace of mind to your event planning. Our award-winning service has powered events across all scales, ensuring each one is a hit with our bespoke musical accompaniment.

Ready to elevate your event with unmatched musical expertise? Fill out the form below and let Northside Brass make your next event a standout success.

Book Northside Brass Music Company in Three Simple Steps

Inquire About Availability and Pricing

Begin your journey to an unforgettable event by reaching out to check our availability. Fill out our quick form with details about your event, and we'll provide you with a customized quote that matches your specific needs.

the Date

Once you decide that Northside Brass is the perfect fit for your celebration, we'll send you an online contract. Sign and return the contract along with the booking fee to officially secure your event date on our calendar.

Schedule a Music Consultation Meeting

After securing your date, we will arrange a comprehensive music consultation meeting. This is where we'll dive into all the event logistics and fine-tune every detail to ensure our performance perfectly aligns with your vision and expectations.

FAQs: Enhancing Your Event with Northside Brass Music Company

We are versatile performers specializing in corporate events, weddings, private parties, and community gatherings. Our music enhances any occasion, adding a touch of sophistication and energy.

We work closely with you to understand the theme and atmosphere of your event. Based on your preferences, we customize our setlist and adapt our style to align with the overall vibe, ensuring our performance complements your vision perfectly.

 Yes, we frequently perform at outdoor venues. We are equipped to handle various outdoor settings, ensuring our music is always heard at its best, regardless of the location.

We typically require a performance space that is sheltered and safe from weather elements, access to power for our equipment, and enough space for our ensemble to perform comfortably.

We recommend booking as early as possible, especially for events during peak seasons. Ideally, contacting us 6-12 months in advance will ensure that we are available on your desired date.

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